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ABF Blog Writer has been MIA August 18, 2008

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Sorry to all of you who check the blog from time to time for updates and exciting information since there has been…well…NONE!! I apologize and hope to start doing better.  I have added the sign up for the meals and updated socials.  I will also post our weekly devo’s on here.  Starting today! 

To catch everyone up who could not be in ABF this weekend we are kicking off a new series on learning the principles of our faith and why we believe what we believe.  It’s like a back to the basics…like when you go for golf lessons and they start back at the grip or you go running class and they talk the entire first class about stretching.  Those fundamentals are so important and we skip over them a lot.  I hope you will learn a lot about our faith this fall in this series. 

Lastly…if you are interested in being a blog contributer please let me know and I will get you set up so that you too can get on and write whatever random stuff you think people in our ABF  might want to read. 

This weeks Devos:

Believing in God

Genesis 1:1; John 1:1-3; Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:19-20


MondayRead Genesis 1:1

·        What were some things that you created when you were a child?  What modern creation is most important to you?  How do these things differ from the things created by God?

·        What does this verse reveal about God’s character?

·        Some skeptics dub the opening verses of Genesis as “absurd” and “contradictory.”  Do you understand their point of view?  How would you respond to their comments?

·        When you consider all of nature, do you find it easy or difficult to believe that God exists?  Why or why not?


Tuesday Read John 1:1-3

·        Why do you think that John’s first words were “In the beginning” rather than with a simple narrative of Jesus’ birth?

·        What does John 1:1-3 add to your perception of Genesis 1:1?

·        The word translated “Word” means “an intelligent utterance, either a single word or a message.”  What insights can you gain from seeing Jesus as “the Word?”

·        It appears in verse 3 that John says the same thing twice.  Why do you think that he did that?


WednesdayRead Psalm 19:1

·        Who speaks in Psalm 19:1?  What do “they” say?

·        Is everyone able to see evidence of God’s work in nature?  Why or why not?

·        Does this mean that people who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ can still learn about God from nature?

·        What in creation fills you most with a sense of God’s glory?


Thursday Read Romans 1:19-20

·        If God were to deliver a “State of the World Address” what do you think that he would say?

·        What is God’s response to those who ignore and disobey him (v. 18)?

·        Paul says that “what may be known about God is plain to them.”  What is Paul talking about?  Who has made it “plain to them?”

·        How can God hold us responsible for breaking his laws?


FridayRead Romans 1:19-20

·        What are some things that you have observed in nature that confirm to you that God exists?

·        What are God’s invisible qualities?  How have these qualities been clearly seen and understood?  What is the result of that understanding for us?

·        Do you think that society is better, worse, or about the same as it was when Paul wrote this?

·        Since all of this is true, how should it affect the way that we live?


ABF Date Night July 24, 2008

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We will be going out on a BIG DATE on Friday, August 15th at 7:30pm.  Find a babysitter and head over to III Forks in Plano to enjoy the fun.  This is a fun reason to get dressed up (all the men just grunted…excpect Jerrod), and spend an elegant evening with the one you love (and about 20 of your closest friends).  We don’t do expensive, none child socials very often, but hopefully everyone will have a couple of weeks to save up and find a sitter!  I hope everyone can make it!


New Social Ideas… July 23, 2008

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Do you have any good ideas for socials our ABF could so this fall?  We will do our progressive dinner in November and our Christmas Party/Ornament exchange in December, but we need some fun ideas between now and then. 

Here are a few ideas:
Adult only date night–get a babysitter and go out to eat to a nice restaurant where we get to get all dressed up. 

Cook Out/Softball game at Harry Meyers–this would have to be into the fall when it is a little cooler

Meet up at a water park on a Sat. morning and pack a picnic lunch. 

Movie night–get a babysitter and head up to the ABF room and watch a movie on the flat screens…popcorn and soda to be served.

If you have any more ideas please leave a comment!  Our next social is scheduled for the end of August.


S. Africa Overview July 13, 2008

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The Warrens have posted about their mission experience in S. Africa on their blog. What an amazing trip! I encourage you all to read it and see what all God is doing on the other side of the globe and how you can be a part. I’m warning you…reading it will make you want to go to S. Africa!
Check it our here:


Fun Blog to check out… July 6, 2008

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The Allred’s (for those of you who knew them) have started a family blog.  You can find then at  They were our former ABF teachers and moved about a year and a half ago for those of you who didn’ t get to know them.  Just wanted to pass along the link…


Some Good Links July 2, 2008

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Here is the blog to stay updated on the S. Africa team…

If you want to see the orphanage they will be working with go here- It is an orphanage for kids with HIV/AIDS.

The place they are staying is  here–

We are praying for our S. Africa missionaries! 


ABF Missionaries July 1, 2008

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Use the link up top to access our ABF Missions Prayer Calendar for the month of July.  We have someone doing missions EVERYDAY in July!!! That’s pretty amazing!  We will also link to the blogs of the trips as they go out.  This week is the Africa trip with Greg Bradford and Joel and Courtney Warren.  We are so excited for all  of our class missionaries and will be covering you in prayer thoughout your trip!